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ABOUT US  l  babymongpuppies

We are the largest Pet shop in Korea

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Babymongpuppies is Babymong's overseas special puppy sales brand
We are located on a larage busy street in Seoul and more than 100 guests visit everyday
This inculeds famous Korean celebrities who drop by to adopt cute puppy pals
We have more than 100 puppies of more than 20 breeds 
About 40 employees manage high quality care everyday

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Babymongpuppies Mission & Vision 




Babymong has a misson of "Respecting Life."
We follow the three principles of future, cleanliness, and honesty, and we do our best to mange and care our dogs untill they are adopted.
From 2012 to now, babymong has grown steadily with a consistent mind to sell healthy puppies

Babymong History

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Introduction video of Babymong's main store

Our Flagship Store
24hour real-time consultation
23, Yeongjung-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea.

Tel: +82-10-2214-0186

© 2012 by Babymong Korea. 

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