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1000 USA Dollar zone  l  only shipping price

Korean teacup size puppies only 1000$

Countries with strict quarantine conditions may have additional costs

 1000$ PUPPIES


You can get a puppy quickly.


Most countries and airlines only allow the import of puppies that are over 4 months old, so they can leave immediately after making an air reservation without any special wait.
You'll be able to see it within about two weeks.

Puppies that have been unilaterally canceled after making a reservation,
or puppies that have been unable to leave the country due to international circumstances, only have to pay the necessary airfare and preparation costs. Most dogs are now 4 to 10 months old.


Puppy that has all been inoculated

All the puppies that Baby Mong raises will be vaccinated on a set date. Puppies over 4 months old are already vaccinate
You don't need to vaccinate your puppies anymore



You can get cheap price

We only charge airfare and preparation fees for the quick sale of puppies that are already 4months old

개 장난감을 실행


You can see how they're going to grow.

You can see what a puppy over four months old looks like when it becomes an adult
​you can check their weight, height, personality

It's never a sick or problematic puppy, just be a family to cute puppies who have lost their way to the inevitable situation

개 화창한 날에 걷기

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