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WHY BABYMONG  l  babymongpuppies


We'll find your dog from the breed and the personality you want 100% as soon as possible
※ If I can't find the puppy with the face you want, I will refund the deposit

Please send me
a picture of the puppy you want

You need to give me 300 dollars
in deposit

Looking for a puppy from 

We have a customized sales system

We think about healthy first


The space where puppy stay is always disinfected
Because there are many dogs, we always disinfect them hard
Use disinfectants, quarantine equipment, and fire


We closely check the health of puppies with about 30 collaborative vets
Before departure they always check about healthy from vet

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High-performance full ventilation system is in operation 24/7
The system for prifing contaminated air such as various viruses
and bacteria has been established


We always check for infectious diseases
We are the that conducts Parvo, Distemper, Corona
infectious disease tests daily

Our Specialized System

1. We provide the best dry and wet food systematically calculated by a professional manager according to the body type of each dog to maintain the best condition
*We manage each dog by providing a special diet fot the healthy and complete quarantine of dogs that are scheduled for overseas adoption and departure

2. 24/7 operating overseas exclusive emergency counseling center
The overseas export managers provide quick feedback in English and are always available to respond to unexpected situations that could occur before and after the departure

3. Before the departure, we take and send a video or photo of the dog including the test result for infectious diseases in real-time, without editing
-Special benefits that are unique in our company, putting health our first priority

4. We have a review event that is available to the overseas customers too, which we give out 100  dollars worth of dog supplies to the participants

5. Since we are specialized in accident-free overseas sales, numerous foreigners and celebrities have selected our shop and we also have a one-year health guarantee, so you can receive puppies without any worries

6. Babymongpuppies have a health guarantee system a year. If you attach a veterinarian's medical certificate after your dog dies due to a congenital disorder within a year, you can receive other dogs for all expenses except for the sale price

Our Flagship Store
24hour real-time consultation
23, Yeongjung-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea.

Tel: +82-10-2214-0186

© 2012 by Babymong Korea. 

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